Infrared Photography

Infrared photography is definitely unlike what many of us have seen—and we mean it quite literally. This unique and challenging type of photography involves capturing what our eyes cannot see with the use of specialized camera equipment that can see and record light that is beyond the visible spectrum. I studied photography at PSU under John Barna and Jim Henderson. Both were excellent professors. They encouraged individual exploration. I experimented with Infrared film and was able to find the results I was looking for. Infrared has a “surreal” aspect that includes dreamscapes and captures surreal landscape/portraiture. Infrared was originally developed as a tool in Forensics and Medicine. I started using infrared film in 1990. You had to load and unload the film in total darkness. I had a “magic bag”, that allowed you to load the film without exposing to any light. The film also had to be processed total darkness. This took some time to load. I now use a camera with an Infrared processor. Infrared cannot be “seen” by the human eye. This medium is used extensively for landscapes to see through fog and smoke to determine the environment conditions.