Seattle Photography

I lived in Seattle from 1989 to 1995 in the Queen Anne neighborhood. Seattle Center was my front yard. There was always something exciting happening. On Saturday night there were dances in the Seattle Center with a big band orchestra. There were all different types of dancers: from children to senior citizens. During this time Seattle underwent major re- development in the Denny Regrade area and downtown. It was an exciting time to live there. Gunge music, clothes and personalities became popular. One of the most exciting dance scenes was at the Weather Wall on 5th Avenue under the Monorail. There were 2 levels with the upper level open to the night when the heat became unbearable. I worked in the Darth Vader Building.

Paul Doorpat (Visit his Facebook Page)
I enjoyed getting up at dawn to photograph the city in fog. It was safe at that time. When we partied downtown, we thought nothing of walking home to Queen Anne. I became familiar with the writer and photographer Paul Doorpat who is a writer and photographer. At the time he wrote a weekly column about Seattle “Then and now”, with old images juxtaposed with now.